O and O-27 Scale GMT

All Prices in Canadian


Harry Potter Hogwarts Set. $395.95

Southern Pacific 2-4-0 #2000. $143.95.
Now Reduced To $129.95

C.P. Snow Plow Locomotive
With Working Rotary Plow and Light. $264.95.
Now $229.95

Algoma Central PS-5 Gondola $76.95

C & EI Offset Hopper. $63.95

Arizona & California All-Purpose Husky StackŪ $114.95

C.N. Cylindrical Hopper. $94.99

New Haven Single-Dome Tank Car $59.95

Ontario Northland Work Caboose with working light $49.95

Northern Pacific PS-4 Flatcars with Piggyback Trailers $129.95

American Refrigerator Transit Ice Car $89.95

Northwest Special Freight with TrainSounds $395.95
GP38 diesel locomotive, boxcar, 2-bay hopper, operating searchlight car, caboose, three straight FasTrack sections, eight curved FasTrack sections, a FasTrack terminal section, CW-80 Transformer

New York Central Flyer. $285.95
This new train set comes complete with a colorful string of freight cars, a large FasTrack loop, and a powerful CW-80 Transformer.

North Pole Central Christmas Train. $395.95
The North Pole Central Christmas Train departs from the snowy arctic,
bringing holiday cheer to all points south.
On board the train, an elf chases a reindeer around a crate load
and the boxcar plays 12 Christmas carols.
This festive train runs around a generous FasTrack loop
with power supplied by a mighty PowerMaxTransformer.

North Pole Central Passenger Expansion Pack $175.95
Change your set from freight to passenger and back with this expansion pack.

North Pole Central Freight Expansion Pack $175.95
Add to your holiday layout at tremendous savings with the North Pole Central Freight Expansion Pack.

Pennsylvania Flyer $295.95
With smoke pouring from the stack and the headlight ablaze,
this die-cast metal steam locomotive races to the big port cities
of the Eastern Seaboard with a boxcar,gondola, and caboose in tow.
Featuring the CW-80 Transformer and a huge oval of FasTrack track.

Lionel Polar Express Set $395.95 Now reduced to $349.95

This Train Set Features:
-A 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive And Tender
-Two Passenger Coaches
-One Passenger Observation Car, With Rounded Deck
-Comes With Three Straight FasTrack And Eight Curved FasTrack Pieces
-One FasTrack Terminal Section included
-A CW-80 Transformer
-And Articulated Movie Characters

-Transformer controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation
-Air whistle in tender
-Operating headlight
-Operating coupler on rear of tender
-Powerful maintenance-free motor
-Two traction tires
-Puffing smoke
-Die-cast metal locomotive body and frame
-Separately applied metal handrails
-All-new pilot and headlight lens shield
-Interior lighting
-Decorated drumhead on observation car
-All-new, rounded observation platform
-Silhouettes in windows

CW-80 80-Watt Transformer $179.95


Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 Royal Hudson locomotive with tender. $395.95

Canadian National 4-6-4 Hudson locomotive with tender. $495.95

Premier Canadian National (GTW) GP-40 Diesel Engine - With Proto-Sound 2.0 . $679.95

Premier Canadian Pacific Alco S2 Diesel Engine - With Proto-Sound 2.0 . $595.95

Husky Stack Car with 2 containers $139.95

3-Dome Tank Car - Hoods Dairy $59.95

3-Dome Tank Car - Lehigh Valley $59.95

Canadian National Crane Car $88.95

Canadian National Crane Tender Car $58.95

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