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Micro Trains

Canadian Pacific F7-A #4069. $189.95

Marklin Mini Club

Royal Prussian Railroad Administration (KPEV) class P8.
The locomotive comes with a 5-pole motor. All of the driving wheels are powered. Metal frame and body.
Locomotive for the 100th anniversary of the P8
$395.95 Call for latest price.

American Starter Set. $339.95
120 Volts. Freight Train with an Oval of Track and a Power Pack.
1 Northern Pacific Railway ”Pacific” steam locomotive with a tender.
1 Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad flat car. 1 Great Northern Railway gondola.
1 Northern Pacific Railway caboose. The locomotive comes with a 5-pole motor. All driving axles powered.
2 sections of straight track, 10 sections of curved track, a rerailer, and an 8 VA power pack.
Track plan brochure included

81522 Christmas Starter Set $169.95
German Federal Railroad (DB) class 89 tender locomotive and one refrigerator car.
The locomotive has a 5-pole motor. It has a floating center axle. All driving axles powered.
The locomotive and freight car come in a festive design.
Contents: Oval of track consisting of 8 curved tracks and 2 straight tracks with feeder connections.
Layout size 357 x 302 mm / 15" x 12".
Battery controller with speed control and feeder wires. Battery (9 volt) not included.

Marklin Set comprises of 0-6-0T Loco, Freight Car, Track and Battery Controller. $169.59
(Quarter Coin shown to indicate size of compete set)

Freight Car Set. $184.95
4 different freight cars for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O;).
American designs. 2 boxcars lettered for the PRR. 1 tank car. 1 gondola.

Heavy Duty Transport Car Set was $148.95 Now reduced to $97.95
2 German Federal Railroad (DB) type Sammp 705 heavy-duty flat cars. Loaded with emergency vehicles.

American Old-Timers Car Set $189.95
4 older design Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (D & RGW) passenger cars.
3 coaches, and one combine coach with a baggage compartment.
Version with open platforms at the car ends.

Side dump car $ 48.95
German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) type Fcs 089 in the ”traffic red” paint scheme, lettered for ”DB Cargo”.

Auto Transport Car Set. $71.95
2 German Federal Railroad (DB) type Laae 540 auto transport cars.
Model: 4 metal models of VW Beetles are included as a load for each car.
2 auto transport cars make up a prototypical double unit.

Württemberg Provincial Railroad. 2nd class red $34.95

8700 Württemberg Provincial Railroad. 2nd class green $34.95

2 NS (Dutch Railways) hopper cars $97.00 $75.95

Marklin Car. $26.95

Girder Bridge. $20.74.